August 5, 2015

WordPress http error media upload

WordPress http error media upload

A web designer who doesn’t blog, how quaint! What is it people say about cobblers with no shoes. I’m nearly certain that’s not the correct phrase but anyway. But sure better late than ever.

So my problem today came in the form of WordPress 4.0 Media upload not working for me with a “http error” coming up. It is for a website I made about 2 years ago that I am currently updating with some information.

It is a school website so teachers have access to it so they can blog¬†about their class etc. I have found a very helpful plugin for school websites called Resize Image After Upload. It means that the teachers don’t have to resize any of the images that they upload, this plugin takes the hard work out of that. However while I was updating the site this http error started appearing when I was uploading larger files. Now I am very well aware of the Maximum file upload size and this was not the problem in this instance.

To the interweb I went and found a few articles that didn’t really help me. Then I found this one that mentioned that it could be a php problem. The site is hosted by Irish Domains. So I logged in, went to “Websites”, selected the domain, then clicked on “Website Hosting Settings” and then clicked on the “Edit” button.

Shared Hosting php (5.3.3) was selected and I changed this to Shared Hosting php (Apache Module) (5.3.3)


And then clicked “Submit”.

Ey voila, immediately the problem was fixed. Thank you Interweb!

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