I have worked with many web designers over the years, Aoife is certainly one of the best in her field. Her websites are always visually appealing, well laid out and importantly really easy for business to edit and use, so there is no hidden costs… Top class work delivered on time and in budget!

- Wendy Grace

Websites, Graphics, Illustrations, Info-graphics, Animations, Search Engine Optimisation, Photography, Social Marketing, E-commerce, Email marketing, Social Media…

I can help from the very start of your new website. Deciding on the best domain name, should I buy a .com or .ie? Which hosting package to buy? Setting up Email addresses. Stopping spam. A lot of my clients aren’t very tech savvy. This is no problem at all. The goal is for the website to be as easy to use for the client as it is for the users coming to your site. The important thing is to get a presence online. From there, your business can grow.

I am really interested in the psychology of websites, how and why people use them. I try to guide my clients as much as possible so they achieve the most from their websites and that it suits their needs.

The biggest question to ask yourself is what do people want to get from your website. If you give them what they need quickly and easily, they will return. If you confuse them, they will get annoyed and leave. Balancing what the user wants to do and what you as the client wants is the difficult bit, but don’t worry, that’s where I come in.

What I do

Web Design

Let me make you a beautiful website. I make websites that are easy for my clients to maintain. I am dedicated to making the right website that fits my clients needs exactly.


Having a beautiful website means nothing however if it isn’t easy to use. I will help guide you with content, naming pages and every other aspect of your site to make my client, and the end user happy.

Graphic Design

This is a key aspect of nearly every website. Whether you need a logo, a business card, an infographic or a poster, I can design anything you need.


Even if a website is beautiful and useable, it doesn’t really matter if it can’t be found in the first place. Getting Search Engine Optimization right is key to any businesses online presence.


I have helped many of my clients set up and maintain their business pages on Facebook. I can help set up your page and I have also helped clients advertise with Facebook, which is great for targeting specific groups for your business.

Google Maps

I have found Google maps to be a great way for people to find your business online. Details such as opening hours and photos can be added to your Google Maps location.

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