About me

Hello! My name is Aoife. Pronounced e-fa. Don’t ask why, it’s Irish, that’s just the way it is.

I make websites. I also make logos, illustrations, graphics and animations. I do plenty of other online type stuff… social marketing, email marketing, SEO.

I like nice clean, useable, accessible website design. I do a lot of work for small to medium sized businesses. As you can see I have a lot of strings to my bow so I am generally a one stop shop for any help online. If a client needs photos taken, a Facebook page set-up and email marketing as well as their website I can do it all.

More generally, I have an obsession with fonts and bookcases, I play traditional Irish music and speak Irish fluently. But enough about me…


My passion for creativity permeates into everything I do. I love working with clients and giving them what they need. Exceeding their expectations is always my goal.


I hear a lot from clients that they have had problems in the past with web designers not getting back to them or being unreliable. I always endeavor to be honest and forthright with clients.

I have never had to advertise, all of my work comes word of mouth because I say what I’m going to do, and get it done.


My background is in multimedia so really versatility is the name of the game. I work efficiently and enjoy a challenge. From info-graphics and photography, to web development and social marketing, I find that my range of skills is a huge bonus especially for smaller companies.

I Think We Should Work Together